About Disability Horizons


Disability Horizons magazine is an online disability lifestyle publication that aims to give disabled people a voice.

Founded by two disabled guys in 2011, Disability Horizons publishes articles on a wide variety of topics, all to support the aim of a world where disabled people live exactly as they choose to. 

All articles are sourced directly from our community of readers, making Disability Horizons a lifestyle publication about disabled people, for disabled people. Articles span topics from technology, relationships, sports, employment and travel.

At the end of last year, we decided to launch the Disability Horizons Shop. Over the years we have seen how great products and services can make a real difference to disabled people’s lives. But they need to be the right products – innovative, stylish and truly valuable.

So we decided that there was a real need for a curated range of disability products, all from trusted suppliers and selected through recommendations from our community of readers and based on our experiences over the years.

We also know that alongside practicality, humour and fun is just as important. That's why we've developed a range of tongue-in-cheek T-shirts that let you laugh at yourself and others :-)


Our T-shirts were designed by and for disabled people. Both the magazine and shop are run by a small team of dedicated volunteers and freelancers, all of whom are disabled themselves or have a connection with disability. You can find out more on the Disability Horizons website.  

Happy shopping and browsing!


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